Concrete comes in so many different styles. From flatwork with a broom finish to endless possibilities with stamped and colored concrete options, we've got you covered. 

Decorative concrete is durable and looks amazing but best of all it's cheaper than many other construction materials. 

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Concrete Patio

Stamped and Colored


Decorative Concrete



Concrete Patio

Stamped and Colored 

"Wood Plank"

Natural Stone Light Pillar


Brick & Stone

Natural Stone Fireplace

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-New or used bricks.

-Natural Stone

-Manufactured Stone



-Indoor / outdoor fireplaces

Brick and stone work lasts a lifetime!

It is truly timeless.


   Unfortunately trying to repair your brick work can be tricky if you have to find a match from 100 years ago. At Pyramid Brick and Stone LLC we have the best matching experts available working with us to make sure we find the exact match needed to make those repairs as easy as possible. 

   We have every brick and stone style available to order at your request. 

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   If it's your home or business, choosing a stamped and colored concrete pattern will stand out! With more than 100 patterns to choose from you can make any design come to life. 

   ​Not only is it beautiful but it's durable and many times it's cheaper than alternative options. 

Do you want durable concrete patio but you wish it could look like a wooden deck?       We can do that!!

Do you want a cobble stone pathway that won't need to be relaid every year?      We can do that too!!

   Tell us what you're looking for and we will make it happen. 

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There are many options for concrete that can create countless designs:

- Plain broom finish

- Stamped - hundreds of stamp options

- Colored